De: António Alves - "A gestão profissional da Metro do Porto"

A tão incensada "gestão profissional" da Metro do Porto é motivo de chacota no estrangeiro. Quando virem o Rui Rio esfreguem-lhe com isto na cara.

≪We have talked a couple of times about a Portuguese train company that did some ridiculous "snowball" interest-rate swaps with Banco Santander, which one expert called "a contender for the worst trade of all time." That company, Metro do Porto, was one of four Portuguese public-transport companies that did these silly swaps with Santander, which have moved against the companies to the tune of 1.3 billion euros ($1.43 billion). The companies stopped paying 272.6 million euros ago, in 2013, and have tried to get out of their swaps, with their basic theory being, you know, come on, these swaps are ridiculous. "Come on, these swaps are ridiculous" is honestly not that bad of a defense: The swaps were so dumb that their own dumbness is prima facie evidence that the train companies were in over their heads, and that Santander knew it and took advantage of them. But the train companies lost last week, as a U.K. court ruled in Santander's favor and told the companies to pay up.≫